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Biker Pawp Canvas
Biker Pawp Canvas
Biker Pawp Canvas

Biker Pawp Canvas

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Your pet loves the open road and the way to their heart is through a long drive with the windows down. They pine for the wild and free and dream vividly. To them, there's nothing like the wind flapping through their ears! When not with you, your furry friend feels lonely as they travel best in groups. You and your fur baby are ride or die for life! 

Your Pet is a Biker Pawp.

  • Capture your pet's true nature with this stunning, Historical portrait
  • Immortalize your pet and treasure your pet's memory for a lifetime with this creation
  • Win over every Pet Parent with a purrfect gift they’ll treasure forever

Product Details

  • Designed by artists who take special love and care
  • Will last-furever with fade-resistant ink
  • Read to hang - hooks already attached
  • Looks just like your pet (pawmise!)
  • Crafted with a hardwood frame
  • Gallery quality, vibrant and glossy

  Made and shipped from the U.S.A.